Business Update (Open as Usual)

So as you can tell I have not written a blog for quite some time, I am not really a blogger, so hence why this is not updated as it should be, but I AM still open for business and running with Covid safe practices.

David Best

| 20th April 2021, 17:23:08 | Posted by David Best

Game Changers - My honest thoughts

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to take my time about this one rather than just rushing a blog out for the sake of it.

So, Game Changers; For those of you that are unaware of what i am even talking (or in this case typing) about is a nutrition/fitness documentary recently released on Netflix detail the difference between Vegan athletes and Carnivore athletes.

First of all, I will say this, yet, this Documentary is entirely Pro-Vegan… let’s get that shocker out there! Who would have thought, a vegan documentary, paid for by vegans, written by vegans about vegans would be PRO VEGAN?

I will also premise this high-level overview of my thoughts with the fact that I am not vegan, however I do know vegans and am fortunate enough to know the co-founders of the vegan awareness group “Veganuary”. This however will not alter my opinion on the subject.

So, Game Changers documents how people living a vegan lifestyle perform better, recover faster and are healthier that their non-vegan counterparts. So, is this true? To some extent yes, it is. Generally speaking, if you are living a vegan lifestyle, you are living a healthier lifestyle, and not because animal products are bad for you,...

4 comments | 6th November 2019, 16:51:24 | Posted by David Best

Is Personal Training easy?

Hey everyone,

A bit of a different one this time due to a conversation i overheard the other week which really bothered me.

So I was in the cafe at my gym when I overheard 2 men talking about a person who had just left the gym, and one man said to the other that personal training was a braindead job and that anyone could do it. Now not only did this get me annoyed as a personal trainer, but it also got me thinking – Do other people think the same?

First off you could argue in it’s most basic sense, PT is easy, you stand there and tell someone to do something, job done right? I can collect my wage and go home in time for tea and biscuits!

However on the other hand… PT is alot more indepth than it would first appear! You see, you just see a trainer stood there over a client 90% of the time telling them what to do, counting reps or counting down a timer. Look a little closer and you will see a little more, the fact that the trainer maybe selected a different exercise than normal for that person as maybe the cannot for example squat properly (not everyone can squat safely and it cannot always be taught!). Or maybe you think the plates under someone’s feet while squating ...

2 comments | 20th August 2019, 08:45:57 | Posted by David Best

Are your scales lying to you?

Hey everyone,

Today I want to briefly discuss a very common thing in weight loss, the dreaded weighing scales! Are they lying to you? let’s find out!

So one thing i constantly hear when i speak to anyone about weight loss is that they have not changed body weight in quite a while, or that when they first started to diet they started to lose weight, but it only lasted for a week or two then stopped.

First i will cover the easiest one of those two comments i hear. The scales lower but only for about a week or two. This sudden weight loss will happen on ANY good diet, sometimes it is extreme sometimes it is not, that depends on the persons lifestyle before and also which diet they are doing. What is actually happening in this phase, is that because we are on a diet, we have probably lowered our carb intake a decent amount, so we will not retain as much water as we were. Secondly, we should have stopped drinking alcohol! I mean if you are drinking alcohol and expect to lose weight at a decent rate then good luck to you! Now that we have stopped drinking alcohol our livers are able to deal with the other toxins in our body much better, so it will start pulling them out w...

1 comment | 1st April 2018, 17:34:54 | Posted by David Best

Are YOU eating enough for fat loss?

Hey everyone,

Well it has been a while hasn’t it, but i am still here and still working.

So one thing i wanted to talk about today is Fat Loss and peoples approach to it.

It is VERY common to see people, when losing fat, or rather trying to lose fat, get annoyed that they are either a) not losing fat/weight or b) why they have stopped losing fat/weight.

This conundrum has a lot behind it, but one of the most common reasons why they stall or don’t even start is that they are not eating ENOUGH food! Sounds mad right? I agree, but it is however true.

You simply need to eat enough food to trigger fat loss, but not so much that you either hinder or slow fat loss. The thing i recommend is to find out what your daily calories should be for maintenance (search for Calorie Calculator on Google) and be honest with your activity levels. Simply subtract 500kcal from it and go from there. You do not need to be in a 1000kcal deficit to trigger fat loss, though in certain circumstances (i.e extremely overweight people) you can do this, however for your average Jo/Jane there is no need to go this low.

One more added tip is to look at your food intake, even though the basics of...

| 1st April 2018, 17:21:29 | Posted by David Best

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