Real World Solutions - Supplements

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the MINEFIELD that is supplements. In this blog I want to talk you through some of the supplements that are used for general health. They will each be given a score of 1-10 on their real world effectiveness based on how they effect you and how much that effectiveness costs – I recommend a lot because I use them personally and can say that their products are very effective but do not cost the earth!

Protein Powers – This is the biggest minefield of them all! A lot of cheap and expensive ones out there, expense doesn’t always buy you quality! Most companies extract the protein at a temperature that actually kills the protein off, leaving you will an expensive milkshake! These should only be used to supplement and already good diet, if your diet is bad, then these become even less effective. Mostly used by people looking to gain muscle mass, however can be used for people who wish to tone up as well. Some studies indicate that Whey Protein can actually help to burn body fat, this is actually incorrect in my opinion based off 2 things.

1 – The people in the studies were undertaking a weights programme, therefor build extra muscle,...

| 21st January 2016, 16:16:14 | Posted by David Best

Real World Solution - Sleep like a baby!

Ah Sleep, how I am going to miss you!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the slight lapse in blog activity, our Daughter was born three weeks ago, and we took some time to find our feet after a long complicated labour.

So, another ‘Real World Solution’ blog, this time about one of, if not THE most overlooked factor in every walk of life, be that fat loss, muscle gain, mental health, stress reduction or even general health – Sleep!

As I mentioned in my last blog, we live in busy times, and one thing that gets sacrificed is sleep. If we come across a person who is not feeling well (cold for example), or is distressed, upset or whatever, one of the main recommendations to them is ‘get a good nights sleep, you will better in the morning!’.

Sleep is vitally important for our body and brain, it is when most of the repair happens, yet we constantly deny our body from this hugely important time that it needs. The body must shut down in order to repair things like our central nervous system, our muscles need sleep to repair, out brain needs to defrag (clear out the crap build up), but I’ll say it again, we constantly DENY our body this time, or at least the amount of time in needs.


| 21st January 2016, 15:37:21 | Posted by David Best

Real World Solution - Fat Loss

Hey Everyone,

So with January now upon us and well underway, the time for FAD diets is very much here!

I wanted to start doing a ‘Real World Solutions’ set of blogs. Nothing with fancy lingo, no frills, just give you some tips and straight answers about what will and more importantly WILL NOT work in the real world. Some of them may come easy to you, some may need a little work/practice!

The times we live in now are busy times, people struggle to find time for breakfast, sometimes lunch, more often than not training! They get up, get ready, rush out to work, do their work, get home, eat dinner (often whatever they can grab as it is quick and easy!) watch TV, and then go to bed ready to do it all again the next day!

The problem with the above is that there is very little planning involved with their nutrition and yet they still want to lose weight (or more importantly FAT), so they turn to Fad diets like the 5:2 diet, or the juicing diet, or garbage like weight loss drinks to try and lose a few lbs. The thing is, these diets, they DON’T WORK! (with exception of the 5:2 which can be effective IF DONE CORRECTLY!!) Yes, they may lose a little, but as soon as they go ba...

| 21st January 2016, 15:10:13 | Posted by David Best

Clothes Size or Weight?

Hey Everyone,

So in this blog I wanted to discuss the highly debated clothes size vs weight that I have seen doing the rounds. As always I will keep the terminology in laymans terms as I normally do on here.

In the world of ‘weight loss’ people can be forgiven for using this term instead of the correct term which is ‘Fat Loss’. When ever you hear about someone wanting to lose weight 9.5 times out of 10 then will tell you that they want to lose the fat off their arms or midsection, wherever it may be. The key word in that sentence was FAT, fat loss is actually what they are referring to, not actually weight loss. Yes, but doing so they will lose weight, however what they are after is actually fat loss. So where am I going with all this?

If you want true and effective fat loss, you NEED to be utilising a weight training proportion in your programme! If you are weight training, be it for endurance, strength or Hypertrophy (gaining significant muscle mass) you WILL put weight on as you will be gaining more muscle. Don’t get me wrong, you will not be walking around with arms bulging and your T shirts ripping (unless you are training for that), but there will be lean mas...

| 21st January 2016, 14:47:16 | Posted by David Best

What does 2016 have planned for you?

Hey Everyone,

With the new year now upon us, and no doubt bringing some resolutions with it, I thought I would start my first blog in a while with one about what 2016 has in store for me, and what i have been up to, in a very real and personal blog.

Since I last blogged I have had a very turbulent time in my life. I injured my back very seriously 2 years ago in a completely random and still to this day unknown event. I spend months and months having to lay down as I was instructed to do by the person in charge of my care (normally this would not be advice given, but in this case it was the correct advice). I was on a very heavy concoction of pain meds for a while which left me completely out of it for some time, losing days, forgetting everything, litterally not knowing who i was or what was going on. When i was allowed to go back to work, i was instructed that when i wasn’t driving to and from clients, i had to be laid down. So all my sessions were me having to lay on my clients sofa and telling them what to do, which in all honesty sucked! Because of this, i could only work with my current client base who were all very lovely and understanding, but i could not take o...

| 5th January 2016, 12:27:02 | Posted by David Best

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