When you hit a plateu

Hey Everyone,

Again sorry this has taken so long. Unfortunately when I planned to start blogging again, we had a death in the close family, and had to take time to look after my wife, then we had a holiday.. the weeks have simply got away from us.

Ok, so today i wanted to talk about a situation that most of us have experienced, often more than a few times, and depending on how you react will determine what your outcome will be.

Everyone has at some point in time with regards to their training and nutrition hit a plateau. Most people in this instance simply don’t know what to do about it, and some people when they don’t see the results they hoped for will simply give up, and say it was obviously not meant to be. With what I am going to discuss today, I hope that you can take something away from it, and avoid long plateau’s and giving up.

So what is a plateau? This is when you stop progressing, weather that is in your training, weight gain, or weight loss, and it actually quite easy to overcome when you know what to do about it.

With regards to training, when you plateau, all that is really required (same goes for when you are bored of what you are doing) is a chang...

| 3rd July 2013, 13:27:30 | Posted by David Best

Horse Meat in Food

Wow, check me out.. 2 blogs in the same day!! :)

So i am sure that everyone will be more than aware of the new scandal at the minute of horse meat being found in beef products.

I for one celebrate this being discovered as it means that government (I hope) will now stand up and take action on the process of food making and food labelling!

At the minute the regulations are severely relaxed.

A company can hide ANYTHING under the heading ‘Natural Flavourings’, and I do mean anything! That can be anything from natural vanilla flavouring to Mono-sodium Glutimate (MSG). From an educated point of view this is a very scary prospect as you could be eating anything and not know about it.

When a product says it contains say 80% beef, they can be + or – 20% of that and still legally sell that product advertising 80% beef. They can also say 100% British beef when in fact it is only part British however is PROCESSED in Britain. So you could be eating only 5% British beef!

They are advertise something as low fat when in fact it is not low in fat. They can do this by releasing something to market with say 30g of fat, and then have a 28g alternative and calling it low fat! How ridicu...

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General tips for fitness

Hey Everyone,

Sorry it has been a couple of weeks since i last blogged, I have had a very busy few weeks. Should be back to weekly now though.

Ok, so on my facebook page located Here I asked what people wanted me to blog about. Dario asked me for general tips about when to eat and what to eat etc.

Ok, so first thing, When is best to exercise?

There is no real BEST time to exercise, this part is trial and error really. Some people can train first thing in the morning (I am NOT one of these people), where as some people train hardest in the afternoon or evening. I personally find i train hardest mid afternoon so all my sessions are started at 1500-1530 (3pm-3.30pm).

Scientifically if you want burn the most fat, first thing would be the best time and on an empty stomach. If you do this you are in the absence of carbohydrates (classed as the bodies preferred fuel source), this will make your body turn to body fat to replenish the energy you are using. If you do this make sure not to eat for at least 2-3 hours after you finish and this will maximise this phase of fat burning. Having said this, this principle can be applied to any time of day in all honesty, it is just scie...

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Lance Armstrong – The Death of a Legacy

As promised on my Facebook page, I thought I would write a blog on the Lance Armstrong interviews that aired this week. I will cover what the doping he undertook was, how it affected his performance and give my personal views on this situation. I do stress that the views stated in this blog are my own personal views and should be treated as such.

Ok, so a lot of the questions that will have come from the interview will be based around what he took, and how it affected his performance.

E.P.O (erythropoietin – Pronounced ah-reeth-ro-poy-tin) is a hormone produced by the liver and the kidney’s. It is also reproduced in a lab and it regulated how many red blood cells your body produces. The more red blood cells you produce the more oxygen and other nutrients you can carry in your blood. Why is this a performance enhancer? In the sport of cycling, you are working at such a rate that your legs will burn and fatigue quickly. The burn you get when training is called lactic acid and it is a sign of a lack of oxygen in the muscles affected. The more oxygen you can carry to those muscles (enter E.P.O) the less burn you will get, enabling you to push harder for longer. So in Lances ca...

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Weight Loss Tips

Hey Everyone,

Today I want to blog about some weight loss tips. I will give you KEY weight loss tips that I give to my clients. They won’t be your usual ones though, about controlling calories (a bad way anyway), or drinking ‘shakes’ or taking tablets etc.

I read a very interesting article/blog from a good friend of mine in the fitness industry Day Moy – www.daxmoy.com. He is one of the most advanced and innovative coaches on the planet, and when it comes to weight loss there is little that he does not know.

He asked some of the best trainers in the country and indeed the world for their top 3 tips (unfortunately i missed the post asking for input and was not able to contribute to this edition of it). While this is a great article, it got me thinking… I wanted to put my part towards it, but with a different spin on things. I don’t need to go into the whole do a detox, eat clean, get sleep, be consistent things, as they have been covered already in that blog (link is at the bottom of the page), I want to tackle some of the issue I see from my clients when I First start training them, and give that information to you!

So here goes.

Tip 1

Clear your social calendar


| 17th January 2013, 11:41:24 | Posted by David Best

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