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Hey Everyone,

Today I want to blog about some weight loss tips. I will give you KEY weight loss tips that I give to my clients. They won’t be your usual ones though, about controlling calories (a bad way anyway), or drinking ‘shakes’ or taking tablets etc.

I read a very interesting article/blog from a good friend of mine in the fitness industry Day Moy – www.daxmoy.com. He is one of the most advanced and innovative coaches on the planet, and when it comes to weight loss there is little that he does not know.

He asked some of the best trainers in the country and indeed the world for their top 3 tips (unfortunately i missed the post asking for input and was not able to contribute to this edition of it). While this is a great article, it got me thinking… I wanted to put my part towards it, but with a different spin on things. I don’t need to go into the whole do a detox, eat clean, get sleep, be consistent things, as they have been covered already in that blog (link is at the bottom of the page), I want to tackle some of the issue I see from my clients when I First start training them, and give that information to you!

So here goes.

Tip 1

Clear your social calendar


| 17th January 2013, 11:41:24 | Posted by David Best

My year of Inactivity and how it felt!

Hey everyone,

I thought I would take the time to tell you what my experiences were with a lack of exercise, shocking, a PT not exercising in know!

First a little background as to how and why I couldn’t exercise.

Last year, I had a very inactive year. I bought a memory foam mattress, and the long and short of it, is that it knackered my back up for me! It caused soooo many misalignment’s, various muscle tensions, joint inflammations and eventually I bruised one of my spinal discs. I had an otherwise healthy back before hand, never had back pain, then BOOM, pain and lots of it.

During the time of seeking treatment from Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists, Sports Massage Therapists, self-treatment, NOTHING helped. No-one knew what was causing this pain, and these were all highly successful people in their field, and because we had NO idea what the cuase was, I couldn’t train, because I could worsen the problem, or completely mask the main issue, and then gotten no-where.

I went to Kenya to do some charity work, and had my last treatment before I left (which would usually give me a day or two of less pain). When I was in Kenya I followed those up with 2 Swedish massag...

4 comments | 9th January 2013, 16:49:24 | Posted by David Best

What is my REAL story?? Read it here first!

My story is a bit of a double story really, the reason why I decided to become a Personal Trainer and the reasons why I was so determined.

Why did I become a Personal Trainer? Well, it all started with a woman hahaha (as do all good stories). I met my wife a few years ago, and she amazed me at how stunning she was (and still is), and I never thought I stood a chance with a woman like her. I was tall, pale and skinny, really skinny, 6 foot tall and about 9.5 stones. I decided that if I was to look like I belong with a woman like her, I needed to beef up a bit. I had been the brunt (or runt) of all the jokes from my mates over the years because of my size, or lack thereof! So I researched about weight gain, and found more and more articles about various body types and different ways of doing it. Long story short, I hit the gym, ate like a truck and I gained about 3 stone, and felt great at what I had achieved, it was hard, HARD work, but I did it. I became the go to guy for people I knew for everything workout related. Then I realized I loved the journey I had gone through, and decided I wanted to help others get to where they want to be, so I became a Personal Trainer.

I lef...

| 6th January 2013, 14:01:47 | Posted by David Best

Building Muscle for Fat Loss

Hey Everyone,

I thought I would write this blog up to ask you if you are building muscle for optimum fat loss?

Fat loss and Weight loss

Fat loss and weight loss can be 2 different things. Weight loss means using scales, and for those that know me or train with me already, then you know I HATE scales as a way of measuring progress.

Weight loss when you first start off is ok to use, but after a while (often within weeks) becomes very inaccurate. Why is this? Well after a while when you train, you will be building some muscle, and that will result in either a gain in weight, or it will appear that you are not losing weight at all. That is when people become frustrated and give up.

The true way to do things is to use muscle to help you burn FAT!

By building muscle (and i don’t mean like a body builder) will give you a more toned look, but more importantly make you need more calories per day just to survive. When you need more calories, and you don’t give the body those calories via carbs, your body will turn to fat to get the energy it needs. The more energy it needs, the more fat it will have to consume.

So as you can see from my brief outline above, building mu...

| 25th October 2012, 12:01:40 | Posted by David Best

Welcoming Vivica to DB Personal Training!

Hey Everyone,

As you will have read in previous posts (and may have been able to tell by the lack of blogs lately) I am extremely busy helping my clients realise their true potential!

As a result of this, I have had to take on another trainer to help me meet the demand. Vivica is an excellent trainer who I have had the pleasure of working with recently, and i extended her the invitation to work with me, and help some new clients out using my systems and my nutrition plan. This will allow me to keep meeting demand for my services, and keep providing the results that people want!

I will ask Viv to write a blog to introduce herself, and would like to take this opportunity to again welcome her to DB Personal Training.

TIl Next Time,
Stay Focused

1 comment | 15th August 2012, 17:47:20 | Posted by David Best

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