Do you want real change or are you simply in love with the idea?

Hey Everyone,

First off, if you are easily offended then I would recommend not reading any further into this blog as it may not be for you?

Over the years I have seen a lot of clients, most great, some not so great, but one thing stands out and it is a real problem! Some people are more in love with the IDEA of changing their body, more so than the actual work it takes to make a real change!

Let that phrase sink in for a second – More in love with the idea!

Over the years I have had a few clients (not many) who have come to me for weight loss/fat loss who quite simply did nothing but waste their money and my time! They were more in love with the idea of themselves being smaller, fitter and leaner than they were at the time, but when it came down to it, under performed, didn’t try and didn’t do as I asked, this did nothing for them other than lighten their bank accounts. Yes this boosted my bank account, but that is irrelevant! I want clients who actually WANT change, not someone who simply wants to want to change!

Any trainers reading this will know what I am talking about (they just won’t say it openly!), we would rather have clients who want to achieve greatness rather than simply boost our income taking money from someone who just loves the idea and doesn’t actually WANT it!

Quite honestly, it is infuriating to me to see some people who you know can achieve everything they want, if only they would set their mind to it, but instead, try to cheat the process (only cheating themselves), or lie about what food they have consumed during the week, or fake an injury just to try and avoid a session (yes these people do exist!). It frustrates me that no matter how much you try to help or the tools you give them to help, that they won’t help themselves when it comes down to it.

So what is the purpose of this blog? Easy, it is to ask you a serious question, or rather for you to ask yourself a serious question, do you actually WANT to change or are you simply in love with the IDEA of that reflection you want to see? This is something that you have to have set in your mind before you go into any training programme! If you are in love with the idea, but in all honesty cannot be bothered to do the work to get there, then now is not the time to go at it, you will not achieve anywhere near your potential! On the other hand, if you WANT that change and are prepared to work to get it (and most people are in this category) then what are you waiting for? Get going now before you slip into the former category!

| 21st January 2016, 16:54:36 | Posted by David Best

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