Are YOU eating enough for fat loss?

Hey everyone,

Well it has been a while hasn’t it, but i am still here and still working.

So one thing i wanted to talk about today is Fat Loss and peoples approach to it.

It is VERY common to see people, when losing fat, or rather trying to lose fat, get annoyed that they are either a) not losing fat/weight or b) why they have stopped losing fat/weight.

This conundrum has a lot behind it, but one of the most common reasons why they stall or don’t even start is that they are not eating ENOUGH food! Sounds mad right? I agree, but it is however true.

You simply need to eat enough food to trigger fat loss, but not so much that you either hinder or slow fat loss. The thing i recommend is to find out what your daily calories should be for maintenance (search for Calorie Calculator on Google) and be honest with your activity levels. Simply subtract 500kcal from it and go from there. You do not need to be in a 1000kcal deficit to trigger fat loss, though in certain circumstances (i.e extremely overweight people) you can do this, however for your average Jo/Jane there is no need to go this low.

One more added tip is to look at your food intake, even though the basics of this is Calories In vs Calories Out, it is not simple black and white, what you eat is very important. For example, 500kcal from steak and veg is clearly not the same as 500kcal from chocolate, think about that!

Over the last year I have really perfected my new nutrition plan and so far I have not had a single client stall on their fat loss. Yes there is more to fat loss that just this tip, but this is a very common mistake that i see time and time again.

I hope this helps.


| 1st April 2018, 17:21:29 | Posted by David Best

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