Are your scales lying to you?

Hey everyone,

Today I want to briefly discuss a very common thing in weight loss, the dreaded weighing scales! Are they lying to you? let’s find out!

So one thing i constantly hear when i speak to anyone about weight loss is that they have not changed body weight in quite a while, or that when they first started to diet they started to lose weight, but it only lasted for a week or two then stopped.

First i will cover the easiest one of those two comments i hear. The scales lower but only for about a week or two. This sudden weight loss will happen on ANY good diet, sometimes it is extreme sometimes it is not, that depends on the persons lifestyle before and also which diet they are doing. What is actually happening in this phase, is that because we are on a diet, we have probably lowered our carb intake a decent amount, so we will not retain as much water as we were. Secondly, we should have stopped drinking alcohol! I mean if you are drinking alcohol and expect to lose weight at a decent rate then good luck to you! Now that we have stopped drinking alcohol our livers are able to deal with the other toxins in our body much better, so it will start pulling them out with the water that is being stored and process them, hence more weight loss.

Now, during this period you will have burnt very little if any fat, yet the scales could be 6lbs lighter than they were, so in that case yes, your scales are lying to you. Now here is where it gets a bit annoying for people. Yes you lost a little weight, but then it stopped, why? Well, you cleaned up your act, but then either let things slip back in, or your diet is just not efective enough for your body.

Now lets go back to the first comment before i tackle another one that isn’t mentioned above. Lets say that the scales haven’t moved for a while, but were moving steadily before, but slowly came to a halt, are they broken? No, they are not lying you have plateu’d and need to figure out why you have, in this case your scales are not lying to you, and you are problaly lying to yourself that you are doing everything you can. Harsh i know, but often very, very true!

Now, let’s tackle a harder nut to crack, the person who is lifting weights as part of their fat loss programme. You see in this instance your scales will definately be lying to you about what your body is doing if all other things are in order. When you lift weights are part of a fat loss programme (and EVERYONE SHOULD BE!), you will inevitably build a little muscle in the process, not a huge amount if you are female (so don’t worry ladies), but enough to upset the balance of the scale (see what i did there!). As you build a little muscle but burn fat, you are likely to not see a difference on the scales all that much, but you will notice a difference in the mirror and say a measuring tape for example. Yes you have not lost weight per say, but you will be thinner, leaner, and look a little better, at the same weight as you were! So in this instance no, they are not lying you are the same weight, but they are lying about the bigger picture.

Long story short, often yes your scales lie to you, so you should always use another means to measure your progress and not rely on just the bathroom scales!

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Joann Morin says:

This really is an excellent suggestion especially to All those new on the blogosphere. Very simple but pretty exact info… Thanks for sharing this a person. A necessity go through posting!

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