Is Personal Training easy?

Hey everyone,

A bit of a different one this time due to a conversation i overheard the other week which really bothered me.

So I was in the cafe at my gym when I overheard 2 men talking about a person who had just left the gym, and one man said to the other that personal training was a braindead job and that anyone could do it. Now not only did this get me annoyed as a personal trainer, but it also got me thinking – Do other people think the same?

First off you could argue in it’s most basic sense, PT is easy, you stand there and tell someone to do something, job done right? I can collect my wage and go home in time for tea and biscuits!

However on the other hand… PT is alot more indepth than it would first appear! You see, you just see a trainer stood there over a client 90% of the time telling them what to do, counting reps or counting down a timer. Look a little closer and you will see a little more, the fact that the trainer maybe selected a different exercise than normal for that person as maybe the cannot for example squat properly (not everyone can squat safely and it cannot always be taught!). Or maybe you think the plates under someone’s feet while squating is just a PT trick to make things look way more advanced than it really is (yes i have heard that!), however you will not have known (and likely neither did the client) that they have a rearward balance tendancy due to tight calves and hip flexors which means they bend forward to much when they squat so could seriously hurt their back.

Now exercise selection and workarounds are the easy stuff, then you have nutrition, planning a full workout programme for a set period of time (periodisation), muscle imbalances, which mucles to work and which to stretch. Why is this person not losing fat effectively, why are they losing too much muscle when on a diet, why are they not gaining muscle quick enough, why are they gaining too quickly (i.e why are they gaining fat?). These questions do come down to calories in a sense, but it is what is making up those calories that also matters. Some people react very differently to carbs for example, I myself gain muscle much easier on very simple carbs, and not so well on complex carbs, someone else could be the other way round, someone may not agree with carbs at all. How easy do you think it is to get a 6 pack and to keep it? The answer is not easy at all! If it were that easy to get in shape, everyone would be walking around like cover models and there would be no need for people like me.

Now these are just a few examples of where being a PT is not a braindead job, it is complex, good trainers just make it sound and look easy, and there is the rub! If you have a trainer that makes it look and sound easy and is getting you results, then fantastic! If you have a trainer who does not allow you to become self sufficient and over complicates things just to confuse you or make it sound way harder than needed, then they are self serving, not looking out for your interests at all and just want your money!

So no, being a PT is not a braindead job, it is also not rocket science (but that WOULD be cool!)

2 comments | 20th August 2019, 08:45:57 | Posted by David Best


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