Want a Personal Trainer without the price tag?

DB Body Blitz is Personal Training in a group/class environment that delivers results, GUARANTEED!

This class will allow anyone who wants to lose weight and get fit the chance to do this in York’s most ADVANCED weight loss solution. You will be given access to my new Nutritional Plan, given supplementation advice to aid in your specific needs, given access to other nutritional diets to further your results, and have your progress monitored in this very fun and friendly class! (I have already been running this class for 1 year, so I know that it is fun and friendly, I am simply re-branding it).

The group of people who do this class already are all friendly and inviting people, and we all create a nice friendly atmosphere to train in with no pressure or intimidation!

All classes are held indoors during the bad weather, and outdoors when the weather is nice.

Classes are 1900 Mon/Thu and 1830 on Fri – David

All classes are 45 minutes in length and are suitable for all fitness levels, including beginners!

Places are limited to keep the class small and personal.

Memberships are available, for 1,3,6,12 month options.

So to book your place on a 7 day FREE trial contact us now!

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