I have years experience in training very busy people who have not been able or struggle to find the time for true and lasting weight loss and health changes. I could bombard you with my qualifications in this industry, but to be honest I believe that people are more interested in what I can do for them, rather than where I was trained. For those that do wan to see them they are listed at the bottom of this page.

While I train various people for different goals, I am specializing in weight loss. I have taken literally hundreds people down from a size 18 to a size 10\12, and I can get 14-29 lbs off someone within 28 days! These results are completely safe, and reproducible with any client who wants weight loss!

My Story

My story is a bit of a double story really, the reason why I decided to become a Personal Trainer and the reasons why I was so determined.

Why did I become a Personal Trainer? Well, it all started with a woman hahaha (as do all good stories). I met my wife a few years ago, and she amazed me at how stunning she was (and still is), and I never thought I stood a chance with a woman like her. I was tall, pale and skinny, really skinny, 6 foot tall and about 9.5 stones. I decided that if I was to look like I belong with a woman like her, I needed to beef up a bit. I had been the brunt (or runt) of all the jokes from my mates over the years because of my size, or lack thereof! So I researched about weight gain, and found more and more articles about various body types and different ways of doing it. Long story short, I hit the gym, ate like a truck and I gained about 3 stone, and felt great at what I had achieved, it was hard, HARD work, but I did it. I became the go to guy for people I knew for everything workout related. Then I realized I loved the journey I had gone through, and decided I wanted to help others get to where they want to be, so I became a Personal Trainer.

I left the RAF where I had been so secure for almost 14 years, and ventured into the scary wide world all on my own (well I had my wife, but you know what I mean), I was made to feel small and fairly worthless as I left the military and joined a large gym chain who I won’t name for reasons you will soon read.

When I joined this gym chain, I was determined to show those in the RAF who muttered behind my back that I would not make it, and I didn’t have what it took to be successful (people who I had known for 10-14 years who were supposed to be ‘friends’). Don’t get me wrong, my REAL friends were happy for me, and were thrilled when I became successful.

I worked at that gym for a year and became the 2nd most successful PT there; some people regarded me as the no.1 trainer, but another trainer who I considered no.1 had been there for 7 years, so I disagreed. My results were far greater, but she had more clients and a truck load more income than me!!

I went for another job in that gym to join the team and move up through the management chain from the bottom (aiming for the top) as I wanted to learn everything there was to know about running a gym. I got through the interview process and was told I was a shoe-in for the role (even by the General Manager), however then found out that my interviews were pointless as the health and fitness manager had already decided that I would not get the job, as I was simply too profitable as a self-employed trainer in the gym, and as a business they would lose money. They offered the job to someone who was not at the same level as me (not my words, they came from an insider whom I was friends with). That other trainer then turned down the job, and instead of doing what they should have done and offered it to the other finalist (me), they re-listed it and blocked me from re-applying!

This fed my determination more!! I left the gym that month and set up on my own, and have now gone from being the guy ‘who would never make it’ to making more than all who stood in my way and tried to keep me down. Don’t get me wrong, I am a small fish in a very large ocean, but I realised that so were they! I had held back my true potential when I was in the military, because I was made to feel like the small guy because I did not hold a high enough rank to be classed as an adult (despite being 30 and having a mortgage etc.), NEVER AGAIN!!

During this exit process from the gym this lingering feeling from the military was still there, fear and under-confidence stood in my way from a personal point of view; ‘oh god, what if I don’t make it, what if I fail’ really scared the hell out of me! I had to overcome this, as whether I liked it or not, my life was going to change yet again, for the 2nd time in a year. Either it was about to get VERY expensive, or I was out in the cold on my own. Thankfully, that fear drove me on, and I pushed through, stuck with it, took the tough months in my stride (and wasn’t easy some months), but I came through it. Now I am one of the most successful trainers in the York area, and am working towards being one of the most successful in the UK, then Europe and eventually, the world!! Would I say I am still under-confident? Hell yeah, I am a perfectionist, and nothing is ever good enough for the standards I set myself, I am always striving for perfection. Will I get it? Doubt it, nothing is ever perfect!

This last paragraph could very much and in fact does cross over to weight loss or fitness in general. The will I succeed? Will I stick with it? Will it be hard? You have to grab life by the horns, as you only get 1 shot at it, and no-one is going to do it for you! I learnt that no-one should ever stand in the way of anything you want to achieve, and if you let them the blame is on you, never let anyone hold you back!

Please do not take my story as a tortured soul wanting sympathy, far from it. I have learnt a lot from my experiences and they have made me who I am today, and I would never change who I am today, I have found peace within myself, I have a wife who loves me, friends who love me, clients who care for and respect me, and ALL of them from family to clients fully support me!

Those are the important things, haters will be haters, let them hate; I chose happiness over hatred!

Just thought I would share that with you all, to prove that we all have struggles and things to deal with, it is how you deal with them that define who you are as a person! Do my struggles and inner feelings make me a bad Personal Trainer, far from it; it drives me and makes me more connected to my clients than any other trainer I know!


REPS Advanced Instructor
REPS Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 2 NVQ in Instructing Exercise and Fitness (Gym)
Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Gym)
REPS Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor
REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
REPS Level 4 Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain
Premier Diploma in Personal Training – Premier Training International
Certificate in Advanced Personal Training – Premier Training International
Military Circuits Instructor
Bootcamp Instructor
Nutritional Advisor
Elimination Diet Certified Coach
Group Personal Training Instructor
Sports Massage Level 4

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